Winplot supplements (22 May 2012)

Dietmar Strube has created some animated GIFs (22 May 2012).

Marcelo Trindade shares the results of his investigations into the Solar system. This zipfile contains a PDF (in Portuguese), along with several winplot files (21 Oct 10).

Vjenceslav Bakovic has translated Leonardo Volpi’s tutorials (see below) from Italian into Croatian. One is for 2-dim windows, and the other is for 3-dim windows (1 Dec 09).

Mark Dabbs has created a large collection of applications (29 Jun 09).

Leonardo Volpi provides this tutorial in Italian (12 Aug 07).

Michael Rabourn wrote this introduction for his students (16 Jul 07).

Lin McMullin created this collection of wp2 demos (1 Jul 07).

The Math Teachers Association in Taejeon has prepared two detailed guides, one for 2-dim another for 3-dim (1 Dec 06), both in Korean.

Patrick Tydtgat has provided an extensive, easy-to-follow tutorial (17 Sept 06) in Dutch.

Eduardo Silva Vasconcelos has provided an extensive, easy-to-follow tutorial (3 Jan 06) in Portuguese.

If you have trouble finding a font that enables Greek letters and other special symbols, try the MS LineDraw font.

In 3D graphing, parametric equations allow one to escape the confines of rectangular domains.

Click here to download some files (18 Sept 08) that show how Winplot can be used to animate mathematical concepts.

Click here for another set (5 Sept 04), written by Carlos Almada.

Graeme Downward has created some notes on volumes by slicing using Winplot (25 Oct 04).

Steve Simonds has created several instructional videos.

Carlos César de Araújo has a tutorial and many interesting demonstrations at his site, which includes a Winplot page. I wish I had the time to learn Portuguese!

Edward König has written a German version of the preceding (6 Nov 04).

Al Lehnen has prepared a detailed guide to Winplot.

Carlos Gomes has created some activities in Portuguese (MSWord).

If Winplot were for sale, this is how the package might look. (thanks to a user in Argentina for this)

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