Winmat for Windows 95/98/ME/2K/XP/Vista/7 (384K)

PEAnut probability matrix Click the above link to download the program. (25 Jul 12)

Page last updated: 25 Jul 12

Winmat allows the user to calculate and edit matrices, and solve standard linear algebra problems. The program operates in real, complex, and integer mode.

If the program behaves strangely, there is a page of FAQ, which may help. If not, you can e-mail me at the address found in the program’s Help|About dialog box.
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Foreign-language versions:
French (prepared with the help of Marcel Druwé and David Lemay) (25 Jul 12)
German (prepared with the help of Dietmar Strube) (25 Jul 12)
Portuguese (prepared with the help of Adelmo Ribeiro de Jesus) (25 Jul 12)
Russian (prepared with the help of Anatoly Koryanov) (25 Jul 12)
25 Jul 12: I was dismayed to discover that 3D rotation matrices were being set up incorrectly (except for the default example!). Sorry for any inconvenience.
12 Apr 11: Dietmar Strube (who has translated three other Peanut programs) and his students collaborated on this German version. I also made a couple of repairs to other versions.
11 Dec 10: Thanks to user feedback, I realized that it was possible to hide a matrix in the middle of an editing operation, leaving a solitary editing box visible where the matrix window formerly was (reminiscent of Lewis Carroll’s “grin without a cat”). These dialogs can actually be closed in the ordinary way (press Esc), but I think that this anomalous behavior is now prevented.
18 Jun 10: Matrices can now be exported in LaTeX.
11 Jan 09: Anatoly Koryanov, who has translated two other Peanut programs already, sent me this Russian version.
1 Nov 08: The arrow keys can now be used to view large matrices.
7 Sept 08: The program was occasionally failing to recognize when zero was masquerading as a small number. That has been fixed, I think.
23 Dec 06: It was reported that I inadvertently compiled the latest version with the wrong set of background colors. This has been corrected.
20 Nov 06: Discovered how to word-wrap my help texts. I await news of unintended consequences.
28 Dec 05: In response to users reporting difficulty opening files by double-clicking file icons, new versions have been prepared that deal with file-naming conventions that allow spaces (and extra periods). See the FAQ.
31 Jan 05: Minor corrections: The text windows (help files, notebooks, tables, etc) were losing their carets (the blinking thing) now and then, and were not opening files correctly.
15 Jan 05: It seems that the old “search” function that I installed years ago in text windows no longer works under Windows XP, so I had to revise it.
4 Jan 05: Fixed the “Copy column” process, which was crashing occasionally.
18 Dec 04: Fixed a minor glitch — the program was allowing the user to perform matrix calculations while editing was underway.
6 Dec 04: The One|Calc routine was crashing when matrices were displayed with 0 decimal places. Should be ok now.
4 Dec 04: A user reported that the echelon-form window was not working for complex matrices. Should be ok now.
28 Aug 04: Matrices can now be entered via a formula(i,j) [in real mode].
10 Jul 04: Fixed a bug that was preventing the program from finding characteristic roots for matrices with repeated roots.
19 Jun 04: Posted the Portuguese version today.
3 Apr 04: Fixed a few bugs, mostly in integer mode. It was necessary to restructure the program so that all calculations are now controlled by the main menu, including trace, determinant, rank, and characteristic polynomials for individual matrices. This repair was complicated enough that additional bugs may have been introduced, so please let me know if you find any.
1 Feb 04: In integer mode, the parser was not dealing with numbers of more than three digits. Should be ok now.
27 Dec 03: At long last, finished the new version of Winmat. I await suggestions and reports of bugs.

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