Winlab (199K) (7 Jul 00)

Winlab (Windows 3.1) includes eight subprograms, most of which have been absorbed into my other programs: conic sections (Wingeom), star polygons (Wingeom), three-body simulator (Winplot), a root-finding utility for elementary functions, a 2-dim mapping visualization (Winplot), roulettes (Winplot), random functional graphs for students to identify (Winplot), and an exploration window for Penrose tilings (Wingeom).

7 Jul: Told the Mapper windows to stop hiding. They are now official children of the main Winlab window.
2 Feb: Fixed a bug that was occasionally misclassifying degenerate conics as isolated points.
17 Nov: Fixed a bug in Conics that was crashing the program when the New|Foc-Dir dialog opened with a parabola on the screen.
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