Windisc for Windows 95/98/ME/2K/XP/Vista/7 (536K)

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Windisc is a collection of subprograms that deal with discrete-math topics such as apportionment, voting power, voting methods, bin-packing, and network analysis (traveling salesman problem, map-coloring, etc).

If the program behaves strangely, there is a page of FAQ, which may help. If not, you can e-mail me at the address found in the program’s Help|About dialog box.
One way to insert a Windisc graph into a webpage is to create an SVG file.
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Those who want to use the program to view graph files (g6 format) or squared rectangles should download this collection of supplementary examples (13 Nov 11) and unzip it to the same directory where the program itself is kept.
Foreign-language version:
Russian (prepared with the help of Anatoly Koryanov) (08 Sep 12)
08 Sep 12: Repaired the editing function for the apportionment spreadsheet (for some reason, it was not allowing long names). The Voting-window notebook was forgetting its contents, and this has also been fixed.
13 May 12: Dealt with a few anomalies in multiple-page PiCTeX output.
8 May 12: The multiple-page export of graphics has been extended to all five formats; this applies to displaying algorithms step-by-step in the Graph window. While making this change, I repaired the Scheduling window, which was crashing sporadically.
4 Mar 12: At least for undirected graphs, the program will now seem to search more thoughtfully for Hamiltonian circuits and paths.
6 Dec 11: Fixed a minor bug that was afflicting retrieved Apportionment files; occasionally a crash would result when the user subsequently tried to change the apportionment Method. There is nothing wrong with the files themselves.
23 Mar 11: In addition to a variety of repairs throughout the program, many changes were made to the Graph window. The number of allowed vertices has been increased (to 286). The File|New menu has been restructured, and the library of known examples has been enlarged. The zero-based option for indices was not being uniformly applied; this has been repaired. The program can now read LCF notation for cubic Hamiltonian graphs, and the graph6 Viewer now recognizes sparse6 notation.
10 Feb 11: At the request of a student, it is now possible to see the worksheet for a complete Banzhaf power calculation, showing pivotal votes in contrasting color, when the number of voting blocs is at most 10. See the Misc menu.
14 Jan 11: The results of the 2010 Census are now official, and the Apportionment window has been updated accordingly.
21 Dec 10: I added a few more collections of squared squares (drawn from my primary source), and the viewing dialog has been taught to recognize them.
11 Dec 10: Thanks to user input, I realized that it was possible to hide an Apportionment window or a Banzhaf window in the middle of an editing operation, leaving a solitary editing box visible where the data window formerly was (reminiscent of Lewis Carroll’s “grin without a cat”). These dialogs can actually be closed in the ordinary way (press Esc), but I think that this anomalous behavior is now prevented.
16 Nov 10: Two additions to graph windows. First, the user can now request a New|Random|Planar graph and then try to remove all of the accidental crossings by dragging the vertices. Second, there are three new sources available for the Viewer — the Platonic polyhedra, the Archimedean polyhedra, and the Johnson polyhedra.
3 Aug 10: A Russian version is now available, thanks to Anatoly Koryanov.
15 Apr 10: A power user pointed out that multiple-page PiCTeX output would provide some new possibilities for graph-window animation. The PiCTeX dialog box has been modified accordingly.
20 Jan 10: There are two new application windows available — bin-packing and scheduling. These discrete-mathematics projects have been sitting unfinished on my computer for several years, but I think that they are now safe to try. I hope that they will be useful to teachers of this material. Suggestions and reports of anomalies are of course welcome.
31 Aug 09: It is now possible to export PostScript graphics from the Graph window. This involved extensive writing, and I await news of unintended consequences.
27 May 09: I discovered that the bitmap-to-clipboard feature had become disbled in graph windows. It is ok now.
29 Dec 08: The contents of a graphing window can now be saved in SVG format. This is a file that can be displayed by any SVG-enabled browser. The acronym SVG stands for “scalable vector graphics” which is an XML graphics file format recommended by The World Wide Web Consortium. Additional information can be found here, and you can download the Adobe SVG Viewer here.
2 Nov 08: The arrow keys can now be used to view apportionment spreadsheets.
20 Jul 08: Encouraged by a couple of users, I have enlarged the basic palette to 61 colors, and enabled the editing of individual colors (right-click the current color in the selection window). Palette information is now saved with all files. This new version is of course compatible with old files, but old versions of the program will not be able to open new files (because palette indices are now allowed to be larger). I await news of anomalies.
21 Mar 08: Fixed the circulant-graph code, which was producing sporadic nonsense.
8 Mar 08: Added a new MST algorithm. Requesting a minimal-weight spanning tree for a graph that has no edges is interpreted as a request to use Euclidean distances as weights.
29 Jul 07: Modified the squared-rectangle viewer so that it reads a newly produced compendium of 17th-order examples. If you like this topic and want to know more, you should visit Stuart Anderson’s site, which is where I obtain my data.
16 Jul 07: Discovered a small bug that had been keeping the Graph window from reading ouwkamp code for a “four-corner” squared rectangle, such as (102,85)(17,24,44)(79,23,10,7)(3,16,12)(13)(4,8)(56)(52). Should be ok now.
25 Jan 07: The apportionment window is now equipped with a new mechanism for studying the effects of changing the divisor, and the priority listing is valid for all divisor methods.
4 Dec 06: Fixed a small bug in the Banzhaf window. Conflicts involving the first named voting bloc were being misreported.
19 Nov 06: Discovered how to word-wrap my help texts. I await news of unintended consequences.
1 Nov 06: Graph windows are now equipped with an implementation of Brélaz’s DSATUR vertex-coloring algorithm. Please report any bugs.
21 Aug 06: Graph windows can now be used to view “squared rectangles” and the associated electrical-circuit graphs. See the File help text for details. There are now several associated files in this package, which should be put in the same directory as the program itself. Please report any bugs.
1 Jul 06: Installed a toolbar in Graph windows, and text insertions can now be tied to vertices.
25 Mar 06: Graph windows can now be used to view graph6 files (a few examples of which are included in the zipfile), and the program has been taught to draw trees as planar graphs (without crossings).
16 Mar 06: The program has been taught how to read and write graphs using the graph6 and digraph6 formats. It will also produce Schlegel diagrams for polyhedral graphs.
26 Feb 06: The program now knows how to refine solutions to the TSP by switching pairs of edges.
10 Feb 06: The program was not rejecting requests to apply the sorted-edges TSP algorithm to an incomplete graph. Now it is.
26 Jan 06: Installed an Undo button in the Voting dialog.
19 Jan 06: Apportionment files were not being displayed correctly after being opened. They should be ok now.
30 Dec 05: A user reported that the Graph window was not keeping track of deleted vertices in the Misc|Data display. Should be ok now.
28 Dec 05: In response to users reporting difficulty opening files by double-clicking file icons, new versions have been prepared that deal with file-naming conventions that allow spaces (and extra periods). See the FAQ.
17 Sep 05: When the number of states in an Apportionment window was reduced (by choosing an early Census, for example), the program sometimes left a stray row or two at the bottom of the display. That should not happen any more.
19 Mar 05: In the graph window, a few more entries added to the File|New menu. Also removed some stray characters from the slow-motion display for Dijkstra’s algorithm.
14 Mar 05: In the graph window, the clipboard graphics routines have been improved — users who paste diagrams into their MS Word documents will be happy to see the improvement when printing. There are two new entries in the File|New menu. Also fixed a couple of minor bugs.
20 Feb 05: The program was incorrectly applying the .ban extension to a Banzhaf power file, instead of the intended .bnz. I also fixed a couple of bugs in the Traveling-Salesman module, which was not remembering the “best solution so far”.
17 Feb 05: Supplementary text inserted into a graph can now be rotated.
31 Jan 05: Minor corrections: The text windows (help files, notebooks, tables, etc) were losing their carets (the blinking thing) now and then, and were not opening files correctly.
15 Jan 05: It seems that the old “search” function that I installed years ago in text windows no longer works under Windows XP, so I had to revise it.
3 Jan 05: In the Apportionment window, the District of Columbia had been given only two votes in the Electoral College calculations. That has now been fixed.
29 Jun 04: The sorted-edges algorithm for the TSP was freezing the computer. Should be ok now.
28 Jun 04: In the apportionment window, the Huntington-Hill algorithm was using a mistyped formula (and has been for a few weeks now!). Should be ok now.
27 Apr 04: The Prim MST algorithm in the graph module was crashing. Should be ok now.
25 Apr 04: The coloring algorithm in the graph module was making mistakes. Should be ok now.
9 Mar 04: I revised the importing of text descriptions of graphs, so that users of the old 3.1 version can transfer their files (the dots, lines, weights, and arrows, anyway) via the clipboard. I also had to provide the missing “text out” function for the old 3.1 version.
3 Mar 04: At long last, finished a new version of Windisc. I await suggestions and reports of bugs.
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