Wincalc for Windows 95/98/ME/2K/XP/Vista/7 (360K)

PEAnut calculation Click the above link to download the program. (5 Sept 2012)

Page last updated: 5 Sept 2012

Wincalc allows the user to calculate integers with millions of digits.

Some gigantic Mersenne primes have already been calculated for you. (30 Jun 09)

There are a few additional large strings of digits here. (2 Aug 06)

If the program behaves strangely, there is a page of FAQ, which may help. If not, you can e-mail me at the address found in the program’s Help|About dialog box.
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Foreign-language version:
Russian (prepared with the help of Anatoly Koryanov) (05 Sep 12)
5 Sep 12: At the request of a user, the List menu now has a Batch dialog box, which permits a single calculation to be applied to comma-separated lists of input values.
10 Jul 11: Had to make a repair, because the program would crash if a hailstone sequence was requested before the initial term had been created; a message should have appeared, and now it does.
27 Jun 11: At the request of a user, the program has been taught how to generate hailstone sequences. The background color for number windows can be varied. Font changes made in one number window will automatically apply to subsequent windows.
12 Jul 10: The program now knows how to calculate the cube root of an integer.
26 Jan 10: The program was miscalculating line lengths in the text displays of large numbers; in particular, the windows were not responding properly when windows were resized or fonts were changed. Should be better now.
23 Aug 09: It is now possible to record the calculation history of a specific variable (during a recursion, for example). There is also a new dialog box for converting numbers from one scale to another (decimal to hexadecimal, for example). Anatoly Koryanov, who has already translated several other Peanut programs, helped me develop this Russian version.
19 Aug 09: Fixed several errors that have emerged since the update nine days ago.
10 Aug 09: A variety of small-integer lists are now available. Among them are primes, factors, Pythagorean triples, Pythagorean quadruples, Heronian triangles, and so on.
30 Jun 09: Calculated and uploaded the 47rd Mersenne prime M42643801, to keep my library of examples up to date.
19 Nov 06: Discovered how to word-wrap my help texts. I await news of unintended consequences.
2 Aug 06: Taught the parser to ignore non-digits when pasting a numerical text in from the clipboard.
10 Jan 06: As expected, the 43rd Mersenne prime M30402457 took almost two days to calculate.
8 Jan 06: I was horrified to discover, as I began the long calculation of the recently announced 43rd Mersenne prime, that the last few million digits of my version of the 42nd Mersenne prime were incorrect! (It seems that I forgot that it is necessary to add back the 1 when converting a Mersenne prime back to a power of 2; I also forgot to check my work.) The current version of M25964951 has been recalculated and checked. I hope to have M30402457 ready in a couple of days.
28 Dec 05: In response to users reporting difficulty opening files by double-clicking file icons, new versions have been prepared that deal with file-naming conventions that allow spaces (and extra periods). See the FAQ.
2 Mar 05: The largest known Mersenne primes are now available for downloading as Wincalc files.
14 Feb 05: Saving a multi-page number as a text file is now done automatically, instead of requiring a page-by-page approach (which was a vestige of Windows 3.1 limitations).
31 Jan 05: Minor corrections: The text windows (help files, notebooks, tables, etc) were losing their carets (the blinking thing) now and then, and were not opening files correctly.
15 Jan 05: It seems that the old “search” function that I installed years ago in text windows no longer works under Windows XP, so I had to revise it.
11 Nov 04: The 40th Mersenne prime M20996011 is a 6320430-digit number. If you do not want to wait for Wincalc to calculate it (it takes many hours), you can download it as a Wincalc file here. The zipped file is about 2.79 megabytes.
23 Feb 04: At long last, I have finished a new version of Wincalc. I await suggestions and reports of bugs.

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