Winarc (491K) for Windows 95/98/ME/2K/XP/Vista/7

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Page last updated: 8 Mar 2012

Winarc is a collection of game subprograms, currently including Life, Krypto, Boxes, Hex, Rubik, Mazes, Pegs, Bishops, the Loyd 15 puzzle, Spaceship, and Sudoku.

If the program behaves strangely, there is a page of FAQ, which may help. If not, you can e-mail me at the address found in the program’s Help|About dialog box.
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One way to insert a Winarc diagram into a webpage is to create an SVG file.
Foreign-language versions:
German (prepared with the help of Dietmar Strube) (18 Dec 11)
Portuguese (prepared with the help of Ricardo Bentín) (31 Aug 09)
Russian (prepared with the help of Anatoly Koryanov) (8 Mar 12)
8 Dec 11: In response to a user request, a new puzzle has been added to the collection. Its name is “Sieve”. The Help file for the window explains what it does.
7 Nov 11: In response to a user request, the Life window has a new type of text export — a JFugue music string. This Java-based system of musical notation is used to convert the columns of Life configurations into “chords”, which are then concatenated to form a long text string that can be “played” by a suitably equipped program (but Winarc is not such a program).
23 Feb 11: Responding to user feedback, I have enlarged the range of allowable Life dimensions, to accommodate a 1600x900 screen. The program also now exports and imports text descriptions of the active colony, via the clipboard. The syntax is explained in the main Help document.
31 Aug 09: It is now possible to export PostScript graphics from several of of the windows. This involved extensive writing, and I await news of unintended consequences.
21 Jun 09: Posted the Russian version today, and corrected a few errors in the Life and Rubik windows.
25 Dec 08:Several windows now have an “SVG file” entry. This creates a file that can be displayed by any SVG-enabled browser. The acronym SVG stands for “scalable vector graphics” which is an XML graphics file format recommended by The World Wide Web Consortium. Additional information can be found here, and you can download the Adobe SVG Viewer here.
2 Oct 08: At the request of a user, made some enhancements to the Life window.
30 Dec 07: Restored clipboard graphics, which had somehow become disabled. Also repaired the Rubik windows, which were not allowing themselves to be resized.
26 Dec 07: Another very minor end-of-game repair in the Bishop puzzle; only solvers know what I mean. Am wondering about the flurry of interest in this puzzle.
16 Dec 07: Fixed the end-of-game message (which was less than congratulatory) in the Bishop puzzle.
21 Nov 06: Posted the Portuguese version today.
20 Nov 06: Discovered how to word-wrap my help texts. I await news of unintended consequences.
17 Jan 06: The German version is now up to date.
7 Jan 06: Added a View menu to the Rubik’s Cube windows, to make them consistent with other 3-dim windows. It should be much easier to see the whole puzzle now.
31 Dec 05: Sudoku puzzles are supposed to have unique solutions. Winarc|Sudoku was occasionally breaking this rule, so I made a repair that I think will fix the problem. Please let me know otherwise. At a user’s request, also added a timer.
28 Dec 05: In response to users reporting difficulty opening files by double-clicking file icons, new versions have been prepared that deal with file-naming conventions that allow spaces (and extra periods). See the FAQ.
9 Oct 05: A user pointed out that the Copy to clipboard command was disabled. Should be ok now.
14 Sept 05: I could not resist the temptation of adding a Sudoku program to the collection. Please report bugs and make suggestions.
31 Jan 05: Minor corrections: The text windows (help files, notebooks, tables, etc) were losing their carets (the blinking thing) now and then, and were not opening files correctly.
15 Jan 05: It seems that the old “search” function that I installed years ago in text windows no longer works under Windows XP, so I had to revise it.
20 Dec 04: The Memory game occasionally dealt a hand that had some unpaired cards. This was not nice! It also got confused if a player clicked randomly and quickly while it was pausing. Shouldn’t happen any more.
29 Nov 04: Fixed several small glitches: The dots-and-boxes game was not announcing ties, and it was crashing when the entire board had two boxes or less. The Krypto window was not allowing range changes. A couple of file extensions were not being recognized.
3 Nov 04: The hatched fill was not working in Triads, nor did Ctrl+A select and de-select cards. In Rubik windows, the item “random colors” was not working. In the Memory game, a white window background played havoc with other colors. These faults have been repaired, I think. I also posted the German version today.
19 Aug 04: Some of the Knights were caught making illegal moves. They have been removed from the company.
11 Apr 04: Added a new game. Also improved the printing of grayscale on non-color printers.
18 Oct 03: A Windows XP user sent me the small file described above.
19 Jul 03: The Pegs windows were crashing when closed, and the print format dialog was not transmitting data to the program. Should be ok now.
26 Mar 02: Fixed a bug in the Hex-playing window, which was having trouble with large playing fields.
10 May 01: It is now possible to leave out the background color when copying a diagram to the clipboard, so that the image is truly transparent when it is pasted into a document.
7 Jul 00: The Krypto windows were not refreshing properly when a new game was requested. Should be ok now.
20 Nov 00: Some of the hard problems posed in the Spaceship lander were actually impossible. I think that has been fixed. You can now size the various windows by prescribing their dimensions in cm.

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