Last Updated: 14 Mar 2011

To read or print the following PDFs, you will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader, which is available free here.

Lattice Cubes (14 Mar 11) have eight corners, each one a lattice point in 3-space. Not every lattice segment can be an edge of such a cube, however. (520K)

Commensurable Triangles (7 Mar 08) classifies integer-sided triangles in which one angle is a rational multiple of another. (764K)

A Waiting-Time Surprise (2 Feb 08) explores the accumulation of random numbers. (420K)

The Root-Finding Route to Chaos (4 Jun 03) describes how fractals can be inserted into the precalculus curriculum. (258K)

Calculator Algorithms (19 Aug 01) describes how calculators evaluate elementary functions. (180K)

The Geometry of Linear Regression (7 Dec 98) explains how the least-squares line got its name. (104K)

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