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Page last updated: 13 Sept 12

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My page of FAQ (27 Sept 10) is added to as necessary.

If you encounter a significant problem (26 Jun 12), you may wish to share the details (my e-mail address is in the Help|About dialog box).

Click the following links to reach the download pages:

Wingeom   (14 Jul 12)      
Winplot (13 Sep 12)
Winstats (07 Aug 12)
Winarc (08 Dec 11)
Winfeed (13 Jun 12)
Windisc (08 Sep 12)
Winmat (25 Jul 12)
Wincalc (05 Sep 12)
Winwordy (22 Aug 12)
Documents (14 Mar 11)

All nine programs (13 Sep 12) (4.48M)

The programs may be freely distributed. Suggestions for improvements and repairs are welcome (my e-mail address is in the Help|About dialog box). Current versions are always available at this site (Phillips Exeter Academy).

Each downloaded program is a self-extracting archive, which contains the executable file and perhaps some accessory files. The executable file includes documentation that can be printed, exported to your word processor, or simply used for on-screen help.

To download programs, first create a directory on your hard drive into which the files will be copied, then click the program link at the top of the program page. After downloading, execute each file (double-click its icon) to extract its contents. The program icon should now appear in the directory window. There is no installation program (Peanut programs do not tamper with your system files), so you will have to register the programís file extensions with Windows yourself (1 Aug 03). There is no uninstall program either, but removing a Peanut program by yourself is fairly easy (28 Dec 03).


The FAQ page is available in
German, thanks to Kate Bondareva, in
Belorussian, thanks to Patricia Clausnitzer, and in
Russian, thanks to Andrew Kovalev.

The Problems page is available in Romanian, thanks to Alexander Ovsov.

A mailing list has been established by one Peanut user, and another hosts a database for sharing documents. Many others have translated the programs into foreign languages.

Regarding the recent salmonella scare: The peanut products at this site are 100% safe.

More peanuts.

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